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Success Stories

  • We adopted Ted in July of 2008. He was one of the quirkiest, lovable little guys I had ever met. Skittish at first, but soon to warm up, and once he did… boy, did he! Ted now lives with us in Manhattan Beach right near the sand. We take walks everyday and play tug of war. His tail wags up and down mostly instead of side to side , which makes me laugh on a daily basis. He is playful and silly but can outsmart most people. I am actually working on not spoiling him too too much, but it’s a family tradition of mine to at least spoil your pets a little. He is still hesitant around people he doesn’t know but wants more than anything to be everyone’s friend. It’s a bit of a personal hurdle of his and we are working on it one day at a time. He likes to watch me paint on lazy afternoons and likes to sleep on the bed when its cold out and under the bed on hot days. He loves the dog park and surprisingly holds his own amongst the big dogs. He has become one of my best friends and I want to thank Rover Rescue for bringing us together.

    — Claire Hanley

  • I am so thankful for Cathy and Rover Rescue for giving Piper another chance for a happy healthy life. Cathy nurtured shy Piper’s patchy coat and skin rash back to health and my little angel grew up to have a thick shiny coat and has gained her confidence back. In fact, she’s even a little flirt. Piper has learned a few tricks, uses the doggie door when she wants to go outside but mostly she just wants to cuddle up with me or her puggle-sister under the blankets. She is the master of digging herself in amongst my big heavy fake-fur bedcover. And never misses a meal call!

    — Mia Kovero

  • My Tiffany is the sweetest dog ever. She is bright, funny, and loyal. I’m so lucky I found her. I never expected her to be a water dog. I am a boater and surfer and last Spring she followed me into the water one day while surfing. So this Summer at Catalina Island I put her on my surfboard and we paddled all around the bay - she loved it! This winter we’ll try riding some waves. Meanwhile she goes to work with me every day in my “big rig” truck and keeps me company. Thank you Rover Rescue for bringing us together.

    — Charlie Rothstein and Suzi de la Pena

  • Just wanted you to see Max - the wonder dog! I can not tell you how much we love Max and how much he loves us!!! He has gained three pounds and is just terrific! He has a GREAT day EVERY day! He chases squirrels up the tree a million times a day!!! I think he thinks he has a job. He goes out there every morning and basically stays there all day with the exception of the many times a day he runs inside full speed to give me a kiss and then runs out again at full speed. He LOVES to run and he has the best time at the dog park where he runs and runs and plays with the big dogs. He does much better with the big dogs. He is so lovable and so sweet and has a personality that is amazing. He sits and stays when we open the door and doesn’t try to run away HOWEVER we are very, very careful - just in case he gets the “urge”!!!
    So, I just wanted to thank you again for Max. What was a very shy introvert has blossomed into a fabulously funny extrovert!!!

    — Sharon Henderson

  • Chico, Judy and Nora

    Chico, Judy and Nora

    It has been 6 months since Nora and I adopted Chico and I just wanted to let
    you know that he is such a fantastic little guy and we are all very, very
    happy. He came to us at a very painful time after we lost Nora’s littermate, Nick, but I tell everyone that Chico rescued us. He seemed to know from the beginning that this was going to be his “forever” home and we were his “forever” family. Nora’s spunky personality has returned and she is acting like a puppy again. We go on long walks daily and she is pulling us. After Nick’s death, she didn’t want to go out, walk or even greet anyone, but all that has changed dramatically. Chico is the most loving, devoted dog and follows me around everywhere. He is totally crazy about his
    big sister, Nora and they are inseparable. He justs wants to be loved and give love. I cannot thank you enough.
    I can’t imagine why he was not wanted, but I really believe that he was meant for us and was waiting (patiently) for Nora and I.

    — Judy Zeidler

  • The little black dog we adopted from Rover Rescue was originally named Snickers, but she looked like a Shirley to us, especially since we already had cats named Larry and Mo at home. Shirley adapted well to the household routine, but she was outnumbered by the cats two to one. It only seemed fair that we adopt a companion for her. Enter Shemp, a labrador/doxie mix from Rover Rescue. Now we were complete; these two dogs have added to our lives immeasurably. When we walk by the beach, they are in perfect sync, marching side by side, enjoying the view and the attention from passersby.

    — Karen and Barry Jost


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